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Three day music and craft beer street festival in Cheviot, Ohio. Featuring Live music, craft beer, wine and food.

In the “Heart of Cheviot” Glenmore and Harrison Ave.

September 29th, 30th & October 1st 2017

Friday 6pm to MIDNIGHT
Saturday 4pm to MIDNIGHT
Sunday 4pm to 9pm



VIP Parking LOT

Just 5.00 per car (Located off Kessen Ave)

Live Music Schedule (Presented on Cincinnatus Stage)


Friday Night

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Victor Spoils

Victor Spoils Music Group

Victor Spoils is a band both energetic and delicate, passionate and precise, marrying energy and melody.

The five-headed Cincinnati creature gestated in 2014, when heavy hitter Dan Newman and jukebox guitarist Nick Federinko, both born May 24th, needed a singer for a birthday show with bassist Doug Lee. Dan called his old bandmate, Josh Neugebauer, out of retirement, not unlike Rambo. Josh, singing and writing since he was a teenager, toured with Dan in A Day Late, seeing the East Coast, getting Chicago radio airplay, and entertaining troops in the Middle East.

From the first rehearsal, the cohesion of melody and firepower was stunning. But bigger guns were needed – Josh called A Day Late’s lead guitarist, Aaron Ellis, to bring the key artillery to the sonic arsenal. Let there be leads! Let there be guitarmony!

In 2015, the full lineup made their debut at a Bunbury after-show at the Southgate House Revival, and were stunned by the support of old friends, new fans, and anyone with a love for a good old fashioned rock show.

Victor Spoils kept playing and building, as their friends at MVP’s Rock Bar – a rejuvenated Never on Sundays – helped them land opening slots with Mike Tramp of White Lion, Blessid Union of Souls, and Brandon Gibbs. They played live on Class X 88.9 FM. They self-released live videos. They acquired a tour bus. And the band began saving money from four hour bar gigs to fund an expedition to Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago. That November, a six song EP was laid to tape – the bulk of a forthcoming full-length vinyl.

This year, the band is touring the Midwest – and anywhere their wheels will take them – in search of good people with a taste for rich brews and an ear for both familiar warmth and energetic firepower – a world where everyone is a Victor.

“some great freaking music here.. so catchy & unique.” -The Nudge, 102.7 WEBN Cincinnati

“Listening to Victor Spoils, New Ep recorded with Steve Albini sounds great” -Venomous Valdez 106.3 The Project Cincinnati

“Catchiest band to come through our station.” -100.9 WCHQ Louisville, Gary, Program Director





9:30 PM - 11:30 PM


Bluefish band logo

Bluefish is a six piece cover band with barying musical styles! Not sticking to any particular decade of music we simply keep it “Rock-N-Roll”! Although we lean toward the classic rock side…. We’re not afraid to try something new and hip! By the end of the night we would love see and your better half dancing or shaking an extremity to the beat!

Saturday Night

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Stone Kold

Stone Kold Band promo with 3 people sitting on red corvette

Primarily an original blues band, playing blues as well as other classic rock favorites. Mark Duncan (bass player) and Jerry Toms (drums) have been playing together in different bands since 2001. John Bays (lead guitar/vocals/song writing) brings a shredding lead guitar, he also does most of the writing of our originals. If you like the pure sound of a three piece band, you’ll like Stone Kold.

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Southern Savior

SOUTHERN SAVIOUR perform a combination of Top 40 Country and Rock. We play 140+ dates a year at clubs, casinos, festivals and private parties throughout the KY, IN and OH Tri-State area.

9:30 PM - 11:30PM

Chantelle and The Digs

You’ll enjoy this Westside based 4 piece and their wide variety of songs, ranging from The Beatles to Alicia Keys. Their refreshing twist on some songs that may have been forgotten during life’s busy shuffle is a must hear!  The unforced vocal stylings and unique song selection are definitely a treat for the ears. 

Sunday Night

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Heather Roush Band

If you like country music from every decade, mixed with a little classic rock and upbeat pop, The Heather Roush Band is for you! Featuring the powerful vocals and alluring style of Heather Roush, this Cincinnati based band is sure to leave you wanting more.  The band’s diverse set list, tight vocal harmonies and world class musicianship make for a perfect combination of musical entertainment. From Miranda Lambert to Shania Twain, and Eric Church to ZZ Top, the band brings something for all music lovers.  In addition to Heather on lead vocals, the band also features Stve Johnson and Larry Wayne Morris on guitars, Mark Schirmer on bass and Chip Coburn on drums. This talented group is not to be missed!

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Room 6

Room6 Music Group

Cincinnati’s Room 6 brings together rock, pop, funk, and many other genres  of music to create a unique, fun sound. Room6 is a collection of musicians from different backgrounds, coming together to create a sound unlike any other in the area. The band seeks to provide fun and music from all genres, putting their own spin on classic and contemporary hits alike.  Covering a wide range of hits from Adele to Zeppelin, Room6 delivers and exciting, refreshing collection of music that will have crowds dancing and moving.